Why Accelerated Christian Education?


A student entering Riverland Christian Academy for the first time is given diagnostic tests to determine his precise educational performance level. These tests also identify learning gaps. The student is then prescribed academic material to strengthen his work specific weaknesses. He succeeds because he receives curriculum that meets his needs and then challenges him to achieve to a higher academic performance level.


Mastery Learning

In the Learning Center, each student moves ahead only when he has demonstrated mastery. Learning is the constant and time is the variable. Every child is able to learn at his own rate, and he is able to master the material before moving ahead.Because each child builds upon concepts he fully understands and progresses when he is academically prepared for the next step, his knowledge and skill retention improves. Mastery is foundational for future learning and leads to academic achievement.


Character Building

More important than academic success is character training that prepares students to meet challenges and opportunities in today’s world. Accelerated Christian Education embeds sixty character traits into the curriculum and presents role models who display and uphold high standards and personal character strength.


Traditional Values

Biblical values and principles are unashamedly incorporated into Riverland Christian Academy. These Time honored values help students build a lifetime of meaningful and lasting relationships in accordance with Bible principles.


Academic Excellence

Accelerated Christian Education’s unique program provides the foundation for every child’s success. A.C.E. allows students to go on to higher education and into business or professional careers with confidence in themselves and their abilities.