More About Riverland Christian Academy

Riverland Christian Academy exists only because of the vision of God’s people in Riverland Baptist Church. This vision arose because of the moral decay of the modern society. As Godly parents began to see children drift into sin and forsake the heritage they had in the Christian faith, some knew that it was time to rid their children of influences that was ripping apart the very fabric of the Christian home. More and more parents began realizing that the school to which they were sending their children for over thirty hours each week was working against the most important thing they were trying to instill in their children – their faith in God.

R.C.A. does not seek to replace parents; we are the parents’ helper, an arm of the home and church – indeed an extension of both. In fact R.C.A. cannot do anything for a child alone. We are dependent on the consistent teaching and training of the home and the church, sort of the way a person depends on his soul and spirit for the life in his body. Without the soul and spirit, a body is dead. Without the home and church, the school is “dead” when it comes to spiritual training.

May God help us work together, the school serving the home and church. May God grant parents grace to maintain Christian training in the home while he grants the school the grace to provide all the help and assistance that our vision demands!



The educational challenge of the twenty-first century has motivated Riverland Christian Academy a ministry of Riverland Baptist Church, to uphold their standard of excellence that has earned them Model status.

Using the individualized Bible-based curriculum of Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.), this school focuses on Christian character training and outstanding academic accomplishments by its students, and also demonstrates a continuing commitment to state-of-the-art,  computer-enhanced education.

This year, the average student’s grade in all subject areas was 72 Paces. Many students completed well over one year’s standard academic expectations.

Riverland Christian Academy believes that their school’s achievement is attributed in part to community commitment to maintain an an atmosphere where a school such as Riverland Christian Academy can effectively educate our youth today for tomorrow’s achievements.